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9 short films are “For Children” at the Festival! 

9 short films are meeting with the little film lovers within the framework of “For Children” selection, which has been presented since the first edition of the Festival. We invite our imaginative audience to the magical world of animation films, which have won awards from renowned film festivals for children. 

In this world, we will watch Tom's journey of growing up, a kid who spends every summer on his grandparents' farm (Blieschow); Ingbert the sock who applies for a position as double bass player at the Vienna State Orchestra (The Best Orchestra in the World); the relationship of Tomten and a hungry fox (The Tomten and the Fox); the story of two polar bears who forced to flee due to global warming (Migrants); the story of a cleaning-obsessed octopus (Ink); a black sheep leaving the herd (Black and White); forest animals preparing for a race  (The Last Day of Autumn); a Jeep following a holiday in the wild (Tourist Trap) and the story of a sailor in pursuit of his memories (Leaf). 

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