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A musical journey on the big screen

The Auditorium selection, which was included in the festival program for the first time last year, will present stories that focus on music to moviegoers this year as well.

In the Auditorium selection this year, Cem Kaya's Aşk, Mark and Death (Love, Deutschmarks and Death); Mariano Biasin's Sublime and Mirissa Neff's This is National Wake will take place.

A Look at Turkish Music from the Germany of the 1960s

Love, Mark and Death, which received the Audience Special Award in the Panorama section of the Berlinale this year, focuses on the musical culture that Turks who went to Germany as "guest workers" brought with them. In the documentary; The underground music scene, entertainment culture and socio-economic structure in Germany in the 1960s are told through the migration from Turkey to Germany. The documentary also includes interviews and archive footage of many artists such as psychedelic duo Derdiyoklar, baglama virtuoso İsmet Topçu, Yüksel Özkasap known as Köln Bülbülü, Erci E., one of the pioneers of Turkish rap music in Germany.

Manuel's Life with Friendship and Music

Making its world premiere this year in the Berlinale Generation 14 Plus episode, Extraordinary is about the friendships and music group of Manuel, who lives in a small seaside town. Playing the bass guitar in a band with his best friends, the film is the director's debut feature about the testing of the close bonds between Manuel and Felipe, with whom they shared a strong friendship from a very young age.

The Journey of a Multinational Punk Group

National Awakening chronicles the ever-changing world of the multinational punk band National Wake, who are fighting a racist system for freedom. This is the director's first feature film; reveals how a band influences history through its music and memories. Featuring never-before-seen footage of an anti-apartheid counterculture that few knew existed in the 1970s, the film chronicles the reunion around music of Ivan Kadey, a white guitarist from the Jewish district of Johannesburg, and fellow black musicians Gary and Punka Khoza from Soweto.

Accessible Film Festival will be screened in Ankara, the Magical Fener Red Crescent cinema and online all over Turkey with physical screenings between 17-23 October.