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Be In! representatives meet in Ankara

It is written BE IN in two lines on a black background in big white letters. Just below it, in two lines, in smaller fonts, International Network Of Accessible Film Festivals is written.

Be In! Accessible Film Festivals Network is coming together in Ankara.

Representatives who will attend the Access Friendly Venue Certificate Workshop, which will be held in Ankara between 21-23 April as part of the Accessible Cinema: Breaking the Vicious Cirle project carried out by Puruli Culture and Arts, will discuss the criteria for the "Access Friendly Venue Certificate" certification process.

Be In! Accessible Film Festivals Network consists of the following festivals; European Film Festival Integration You and Me (Koszalin/Poland), Festival Inclus (Barcelona/Spain), Klappe Auf! Kurtzfilmfestival (Hamburg/Germany), Oska Bright Film Festival (Brighton/England), The Extraordinary Film Festival (Namur/Belgium) and Accessible Film Festival.