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For Children selection is waiting for its little audience!

For Children selection, which is now a classic part of the festival, comes with 12 short films this year.

In the selection that future filmmakers should not miss; The Great Overflow, which tells the ocean voyage of Pää and Nif after a great flood, where they encounter creatures and the evil effects of pollution, The Child and the Goose, about a young boy's journey full of adventure and freedom that begins with his friendship with a goose, Wall Piano, which conveys the dreams of a young girl in the shadow of the wall that separates the residential areas, with the taste of a music video, a little magic realism, Fox for Edgar, is about the adventures of Edgar, who is deprived of his family's attention because they spend time with their technological devices, and the fox who helps him in the forest, IDODO, which tells the story of how reef fish attain their eye-catching colors, Mishou, is about the dispersal of a blissful snow and silence with a noisy tourist helicopter, Penguin and Whale, the story of a blue whale's journey to find a new iceberg for his penguin friend, who lost his home due to global warming, Don't Blow It Up, which is about the adventures of two girls who get angry at each other and inflate like balloons and fly to the clouds, Fundamentals of Art, which features the story of a little girl who, unlike her art teacher, is engaged in the creativity of true colors, Sanctuary, about French bulldogs and timid puppies finding ideal human companions, Suzie in the Garden, which tells what happened to Suzie when she discovered a mysterious garden after she met a black dog and the Queen of the Foxes, which offer the dream of a world where everyone finds love with a single person and consists of hand-drawn pictures, will be presented to the little audience.

The festival will be followed by physical screenings in Ankara, Kızılay Magical Fener Cinema between October 17-23 and online screenings that can be watched from all over Turkey.

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