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Short Film Competition finalists announced

The finalists of the Short Film Competition, which we will be holding for the second edition this year, have been announced. In the competition, where 90 films from 19 countries applied, a total of 13 films, 3 domestic and 10 foreign, took their place among the films to compete. Finalists were determined by the pre-selection jury consisting of International Different Perspectives Film Festival Festival Director Hülya Demirden, culture manager İmre Tezel and writer-director Murat Emir Eren.

The finalists of the “Short Film Competition” include Elshad Elsever's The Key, Jane Ashmore's Love, Hilke Rönnfeldt's Fence, Mehdi Mahaei's A Winner, Farnoosh Abedi's The Sprayer, Jamilia Azizova's Shadows, Majid Mirhashemi's Quarantine, Ali Kıvanç Güldürür's Neighbouring Sounds, Önder Menken's Game, Jane Devoy's Chatter, Ziba Karamali and Emad Arad's Barter, Margarethe Baillou's And So I Begin. and Muaz Güneş's Jasmine.