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Stories of different geographies: Kaleidoscope

Stories from different geographies of the world are reflected on the silver screen with the Kaleidoscope selection, which consists of award-winning films that have come to the fore in recent years.

This year's selection includes the films of Tea Lindeburg's As in Heaven, Marie Kreutzer's Corsage and Laura Bispuri's The Peacock's Paradise.

The Story of a Girl Stepping into Adulthood the Night Her Sister Was Born

Winning the Best Film from the Gothenburg International Film Festival this year, and the Best Director and Best Actress awards from the 2021 San Sebastian International Film Festival, As in Heaven is about the life of a 14-year-old girl that changed overnight. Directed by Tea Lindeburg, the film tells the story of Lise, who begins to realize that the day she started as a child could end as the lady of the house, when something goes wrong when her mother goes into labor.

Corset's Threads Are Tightened for Social Image

The Empress of Austria and Queen Elizabeth of Hungary fascinates everyone with her beauty. However, "Sisi", who made a name for herself with the fashion trends she created, is now 40 years old and must fight to protect her reputation in the society. Directed by Marie Kreutzer, competing in leading film festivals such as Cannes, San Sebastian and Sarajevo this year, Corsage also comes to the fore with the award-winning performance of the lead actress Vicky Krieps.

An Impossible Love That Shook the Whole Family

The Peacock's Paradise, directed by Laura Bispuri, focuses on the hidden secrets of an Italian family through a peacock falling in love with the pigeon in the painting.