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The 10th anniversary dates of the festival have been determined

On a baby blue background, under the yellow light beams filtering from a dark blue lamp hanging from the middle of the upper edge, the words "Accessible Film Festival" are written in 3 lines, under its right corner 17-23 October is written in two lines. To the right of the EFF text, 2022 is written in 3 lines from top to bottom, in maroon color, 20 on the first line and 2 on the other lines. A black bird is placed on 2022, and there is a red heart on it’s chest. On the left side of the image, there is a male figure with short, pink, blue, yellow and green hair. A black film strip coming out from the chest level curves and ends under the EFF lettering. Above the black film strip there is a red colored heart on the chest of the figure.

Accessible Film Festival will meet the audience again between 17-23 October.

We continue the preparations for the 10th anniversary of the festival at full speed. We will share the program and other details about the festival with you in the coming period, but we have an important news: this year, The Short Film Competition has a cash prize! You can find details about the competition here.

The festival, which we held online in 2020 due to the pandemic and in hybrid format -physically and online- last year, will continue to maintain its online format this year as well. You can follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletters in order not to miss the developments about the festival.

Stay tuned!