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Short Film Competition finalists announced!

The text reads: "Finalists of the short film competition are announced," placed on a white background, accompanied by red letters.

As part of the 12th Accessible Film Festival, the finalists of the Short Film Competition, which took place for the fourth time this year, have been announced.

136 films from 28 countries took part in the competition; 3 local and 12 foreign films, a total of 15 films, were selected as finalists. The finalists, chosen by the selection committee consisting of film critic Hasan Nadir Derin, Accessible Film Festival Programme Coordinator Kaan Denk and film critic Öykü Sofuoğlu, will be screened for the jury members and cinema lovers between 7 and 13 June.

  1. Ana Morphose (PORTUGAL), Director: João Rodrigues
  2. Nothing Really Happened (RUSSIA), Director: Dana Arshagti
  3. I am Rain (GERMANY), Director: Onur Bilmen
  4. Five (FRANCE), Director: Jérémy Prudent
  5. Shtander, Shtander, Katya! (ESTONIA), Director: Alexandra Shadrina
  6. Every Day It Gets A Little Easier (TURKEY), Director: Çağıl Bocut
  7. On the Grapevine (CHINA), Director: Haoran Deng
  8. In His Fortress (TURKEY), Director: Yasemin Demirci
  9. 30 Seconds (RUSSIA), Director: Ivan Sosnin
  10. Spider-Zan (IRAN), Director: Maryam Khodabakhsh
  11. Under the Overcoat (RUSSIA), Director: Natalia Dementyeva
  12. Selftape (FRANCE), Director: Valentin Coste, Florent Beaudot
  13. At Last (TURKEY), Director: Resmiye Emir
  14. Stratosphere (IRAN), Director: Mahmood Pouyandeh
  15. After the Ringing of the Bell (IRAN), Director: Shahrzad Ebrahimi